You’ve probably wondered why a vocal coach is important on TV shows like American Idol. Did you know that the judges play mind games with the contestants? For example, there was a time when contestant Rasmussen was accused of singing flatly, leaving her in tears. After hearing the criticism, Rasmussen sought out her vocal coach, Kaelin, who assured her that her performance was perfect. But even a vocal coach knows that the pressure can be overwhelming.

Cameron Whitcomb

In the early days, Cameron Whitcomb worked as a green-hat laborer. His signature moves were backflips, and his little brother Sheldon bet him that if he ever made it to the top 24 list, he would have the American Idol logo tattooed on his chest. While he’s still learning, his singing coach, Sabrina Weeks, has helped him improve his voice and become comfortable onstage. Cameron Whitcomb is currently balancing his singing career with his day job, working up to 80 hours per week. He hopes to continue pursuing his passion for music, and the show will help him do so.

During season 20 of American Idol, Cameron reached the Top 24 after performing “It Ain’t Me Babe” by Bob Dylan. But he felt disappointed when his guest mentor Bebe Rexha gave him some bad advice. “Bebe is a good vocal coach, but keep calm,” Bebe said. “Keep your cool, Cameron!”

Carmen Rasmussen

The voice coach was also a part of the show’s production staff, and she served as an advisor for many of the contestants. Many of the vocal coaches, however, were not as well-regarded as Rasmussen. She was often accused of flat singing, and she was left crying after hearing the comments. She sought out her vocal coach, Kaelin, and was reassured by the former. While the comments about her singing were not entirely true, she also admitted that the pressure that comes with performing on the show was high.

After a successful stint as a vocal coach on the show, Carmen also began acting. She appeared in the 2003 feature film, Pride and Prejudice: A Latter-Day Comedy, playing Charlotte Lucas. In 2004, she released her own EP on R3 Records and appeared in a Maverik commercial. She continues to work in the entertainment industry and is considered a “must-see” for the talented people who make the show possible.

Michael Orland

You may have heard of Michael Orland, the vocal coach for Hollywood American idol. You may even know him as a singer himself. Orland has worked with many idols over the years. He is a highly respected musical director who has worked on various television shows and in the nightclubs. Here is what you need to know about him. Let’s begin with his background:

Michael Orland served as the music director and vocal coach on “American Idol” for 14 seasons on both ABC and FOX. Before that, he served as the show’s associate musical director. This role gave him a variety of gigs, from working with the judges to assisting the contestants. He will continue working with the kids through their live episodes and Hollywood Week. While you’re watching American Idol, check out Orland’s Instagram.