Singing can be a lot of fun for a kid. But sometimes parents wonder whether if and when they should encourage their child to develop their voice. Here are a few insights based on a few different scenarios.

They’re Too Young?

If you think your child is too young for lessons, you may be right. Sure, there are limitations of what they can learn when they’re young. But, more than anything there are focus considerations that should be made. Long story short, if your child can’t focus, lessons aren’t likely to help much. Though, they still could be fun and help encourage them to focus more.

They Aren’t That Good

Not every child enters their world with a beautiful singing voice. Some struggle to stay on key. Should you encourage your child to pursue singing lessons if they struggle with pitch?

Well, that’s up to you. If you find a good singing teacher that’s patient and willing to help, you may find that all they need is a little practice. You’ll get a good idea of how serious your child is about lessons at this point though, as staying on pitch requires focus if it’s not natural. However, developing this skill when they’re younger makes singing much easier as they get older.

They Just Aren’t Interested

This is honestly the #1 reason I think a child should not take singing lessons. Forcing a kid to take lessons when they are not interested will only frustrate them, their teacher, and probably you. They won’t practice, they won’t enjoy it, and it will likely be a waste of time. My suggestion would be to help them find something that they are interested in and encourage them to get better at that.