Why are vocal coach reaction videos so popular? The reasons are varied, but they all relate to vocal training. You can check out the videos of some popular vocal coaches and their tips for improving your performance. These videos are often titled “Vocal Coach Reacts To This Celebrity Singing” or “Vocal Coach Reacts to this YouTuber.”

Tristan Paredes

YouTube sensation Tristan Paredes is a vocal coach who works with many singers. He has been a Youtube sensation since he started his channel in 2013. The singer was born on June 13, 1991 in the United States and received his Bachelor’s degree in vocal performance and pedagogy from Evergreen State College. Before he became a vocal coach, he had spent years in the theater, gaining knowledge about the ideal performance.

Weird Al

A recent video showing Weird Al’s vocal coach reacting to the lyrics of a song has gone viral. This video has nearly two million views. The reason behind the viral success of the video is due in large part to its content. The videos contain hilarious reactions from fans and a candid look into how the artist works to make his songs sound better. The videos are so popular that the show is currently filmed in the same studio as the Jay Leno show.

Alvin Lee

One reason Alvin Lee’s vocal coach reaction videos have been so popular is that they show how Alvin reacts to his students’ performance. In one of these videos, Alvin says, “I haven’t talked to my fellow countrymen in months. I can’t imagine how they feel.”

Tanmay Bhat

The video first appeared on Bhat’s Facebook page, but has now been added to YouTube. It’s a hilarious and somewhat creepy way to use the Face Swap feature in videos, but Bhat’s witty take on things and discerning voice have endeared him to a growing community of fans. While he’s a standup comedian, his videos are more than a little bit funny.

Weird Al’s reaction video

This humorous web series by Weird Al is a viral hit that has reached millions of views. The series features videos in which Weird Al fake interviews famous movie stars. His reaction to the interviews has earned him a cult following. Aside from the web series, Weird Al is also the host of the popular Face to Face with ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic.