The answer to this question is not quite clear. The videos are an hour long, often free, and usually hosted in a house. So why are they so popular? There are a number of reasons, but let’s focus on four of the most popular:

They’re Somewhat Educational

Vocal coach react videos are very popular on YouTube, but what makes them educational? Most of these videos feature a professional vocal coach, usually a YouTuber named Tristan. He gives tips and examples to help students improve their performances. The videos typically have the title “Vocal Coach Reacts to This Celebrity Singing,” or a variation of that. Vocal technique students are likely to be the minority, but fans are more likely to watch the videos than vocal technique students.

They’re Free

If you’re a vocal coach, you’re probably aware that free videos are very popular on YouTube. But, what is it that makes these videos so popular? Well, it’s simple: they’re low-effort content. A free video can simply be a full-length shot of a vocal coach watching a song. There’s no script to write or editing to do. They also have the benefit of being highly recommended by fans of the singer being coached. While vocal technique students are likely to be a tiny minority, fans of singers and coaches enjoy watching them.

It’s Viewed as Professional Advice

If a vocal coach is telling you how someone else does something, most people see that as actionable advice for their voice. Which can and cannot be true. While it might be tempting to copy what the stars of pop and rock sing, it’s not always a good idea. While some people may try to create their own YouTube videos, others might simply look for a voice coach’s videos and take notes from the expert. Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to watch a few videos to get an idea of how to improve your voice.