If you’re in the market for a vocal coach, you may be wondering: Who is the redhead? Lauren Pazienza, 26, is the daughter of a successful cesspool business owner in Holtsville, NY. Her father ranks as the number one cesspool business in Suffolk County. Before starting her own business, Lauren worked as an events coordinator for a high-end French furniture company. She attended swanky parties and art gallery openings.

Karyn Overstreet Vocal Studio

The Karyn Overstreet Vocal Studio is known for embracing diversity. Karyn is a professional performing arts teacher with twenty years of experience on Broadway. She possesses a heart of gold and is able to connect with children in a way that makes the process easy. She is one of the best performing arts teachers in San Diego, and I can attest to her effectiveness. As a parent, I have entrusted my son, Jacob Tyler, to Karyn Overstreet Vocal Studio.

My daughter, who is an aspiring opera singer, has been a student of Karyn’s since kindergarten. She is dedicated to helping students develop an authentic artist sound and vocal technique. Her lessons are tailored to each student’s specific needs and goals. Whether it’s for audition prep or just improving your performance for stage auditions, Karyn will be your best resource. Her extensive experience has made her the go-to person for aspiring actors and singers.

Caroline Vanessa Grant

Caroline Vanessa “Carrie” Grant is an English singer, vocal coach, television presenter, and session singer. Born on 17 August 1965, Grant has worked with some of the biggest names in music and has been featured on a variety of talent shows. She is also the voice coach of pop singer Carrie Underwood. Her personal vocal coaching sessions are a great way to improve your own voice and make your songs even better!

Carrie Grant is a mother of four neurodivergent children. She married David Grant, a vocal coach, and has four children with a variety of special needs. Her children are Autistic, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, and dyscalculia. Her husband David is a political figure and he has supported her throughout her career as a TV presenter.


Known for her approach that balances conservation and correction, Kim has helped a number of artists improve their range, breathe more deeply, and develop their signature sounds. Kim also assists vocalists with protecting their health by addressing vocal medical issues. Vocalists often strain their voices through overuse or poor technique, which can result in canceled tours, lost contracts, and stalled careers. Kim’s coaching services are available online or through onsite consultations and judging.

One of Kim Redhead’s biggest assets is her A-list client list. She’s worked with Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Destiny’s Child, and Tom Keifer from Cinderella. Her work has also included Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battistelli, and songwriters Kristyn Getty and Dave Barnes. Her services have also been sought after by companies such as Sony, Warner Bros, and Universal.


A redhead vocal coach with a heart of gold is a rare find. Despite her red hair and 300 distant relatives, Lisa McLaughlin is a rare find indeed. As a youngster, she sang in church choirs and high school productions. She also competed in a Junior Miss Pageant and won the Most Talented Award. She later starred in various productions throughout her high school and college years. Though she was once tested for a 5-octave voice, she declined to pursue it and instead studied applied physics and sound engineering.

A singer of rich, warm, and elastic tone, Dunbar has performed several operas including Handel’s Messiah and Mozart’s Requiem. She has also been featured on CBC Music’s classical “30 under thirty” list. She has also performed in various choirs and has performed as a concert soloist for oratorio works. Lise has been praised by opera singers for her dedication and professionalism.