“Who’s that redhead vocal coach?” you may ask. In the previous episodes, you may have been wondering who was the redhead vocal coach for the group round. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that Katy Perry warned against singing original songs. But after a disastrous group round, a contestant decided to go with their own song, which was a mistake. The judges agreed.

Michael Orland

After a long career as an associate musical director, pianist, and vocal coach on American Idol, Michael Orland is thrilled to take on the same role in the rebooted show. His passion for assisting young singers has carried him from auditions to Hollywood Week and even the live episodes. In fact, he has been the vocal coach for all fifteen seasons of American Idol, and is relishing the opportunity to work with kids once again.

Haley Slaton

The redhead vocal coach on American Idol was the most exciting surprise of the night. Slaton was five and a half months pregnant when she first auditioned for the show. She knew that pursuing her dream as an expectant mother would be difficult. However, she had identified her passion for singing at a young age and had her mother accompany her to the audition.

Candice Glover

The redhead vocal coach has a long history with “American Idol,” bringing her unique blend of wit, humility, and big, sometimes yodel-y voice to a variety of singers. The runner-up of the ninth season, a blond North Carolina native named Carrie Underwood, sounded a bit like her mentor Randy Jackson, who has been on the show since the beginning.


If you haven’t noticed yet, Teenmerica is the redhead vocal coach from the season 8 finale. The redhead has a knack for vocal training and is still a behind-the-scenes regular on the popular singing competition. She guides contestants through auditions, Hollywood Week, and the semifinals, so she’s been around and heard it all! Read on to learn more about her.


The talented singer who landed the redhead vocal coach role on American idol last night has always wanted to be a singer. In fact, she was an accomplished singer in her youth, but stopped because she was too nervous on stage. You can see her live performances on her Instagram page. Scarlett’s desire to perform music really kicked in during her transfer to a different school in sixth grade. She’d taken vocal lessons for two years at that point.