If you’re considering taking a vocal course, you may be wondering who the number one vocal coach in the world is. If you’re looking for the very best, consider Kira de Brett, Seth Riggs, Roger Love, or Tona de Brett. Read on to find out which vocal coach is the best! We’ve included information from the top instructors and students of each in the world to help you decide.

Kira is the number one vocal coach in the world

In addition to her work as a vocal coach, Kira also performs as a pianist. She graduated from the Academy of Music in Minsk, Belarus, where she studied piano performance, accompaniment, and chamber music. Kira then went on to study voice with renowned vocal coaches Janine Reiss and Irene Aitoff. Her experience ranges from linguistic coaching to opera productions.

Seth Riggs is the number one vocal coach in the world

The demands of performing have shaped Seth Riggs’s method of vocal instruction. The demands of superstars often include multiple shows per night and working without strain. His clients include Michael Jackson, Cher, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Madonna, and dozens of others. In fact, Riggs has trained more than 135 Grammy Award winners and has taught many of the world’s biggest stars.

Roger Love is the number one vocal coach in the world

If you are looking to improve your singing voice, you might want to work with Roger Love. His program is a great way to improve your vocal range, develop vibrato, and learn songs. His lessons also focus on stage fright and diet. He is also known for his vocal exercises, including the “Love Notes” system, which he developed to train singers. If you want to get the most out of his vocal lessons, you should definitely check out his website.

Tona de Brett is the number one vocal coach in the world

Tona de Brett is considered the world’s leading authority on singing. She has worked with such notable artists as Dido, Linda McCartney, and many more. She is also a seasoned professional who has worked on stage with artists such as Ron Anderson, and was a vocal coach to the legendary Six Pistol. To date, her technique has helped students improve their vocal range to the fullest extent possible.

Jan Bickel is the number one vocal coach in the world

Dr. Jan Bickel has won numerous awards and accolades as a vocal coach. He has performed solo recitals and leading roles with various ensembles, including Chicago Opera Theater, Chamber Orchestra of Chicago, Opera Racine, and Inspiration Point. In addition, Dr. Bickel has coached opera singers in many major American cities, including Los Angeles and New York. As a singer himself, Dr. Bickel has won numerous awards for her singing, including the national Federation of Music Clubs and the Musicians Club of Women.