There are many different ways to improve your singing, and finding the best vocal coach to suit your needs is one way to become a better singer. Read on to learn more about vocal coaches, including Lisa Witt, Renee Grant-Williams, and Lis Lewis. You’ll also learn how to improve your tone, and discover the best exercises to improve your range. Here are some of our favorites! Listed below are the most highly regarded vocal coaches in the country today.

Lisa Witt

When it comes to training the voice, few coaches can match Lisa Witt. She has extensive experience coaching celebrities and professionals alike. Her Voiceworks Studio features a fully digital recording studio and performance area. Her private students include beginners, actors, musicians, and celebrities from film, musical theater, and other genres. Her students have been featured in over 40 radio shows and in magazines such as Music Connection and Variety. Listed below are just a few of her notable achievements.

Lisa Witt’s teaching method

If you’re a total beginner who wants to improve your voice, Lisa Witt’s voice lessons will be invaluable. The relaxed and fun approach of Lisa’s voice lessons will draw you in and keep you engaged throughout the program. Her unique teaching style makes her a great choice for people looking to improve their vocal technique, from absolute beginners to seasoned performers who need to brush up on their warm up exercises.

Lis Lewis

Lis Lewis is a professional voice teacher in Los Angeles. She has been training recording artists for over 30 years. Her web site is full of helpful tips for aspiring pop singers. Lewis has also published books, including “The Singer’s First Aid Kit” and “The Pop Singer’s Warm-Up Kit.” Her lessons help singers strengthen different parts of the voice and improve pitch, range, endurance, breath control, and more.

Renee Grant-Williams

Renee Grant-William’s DVD “Voice Mastery for Singing Stars” brings a vocal coach to you. She has helped numerous big-name singers to develop their voices, and she teaches you these techniques with real-world examples. Even if you only have an hour to spare, you’ll notice a marked improvement in your voice. The DVD covers fundamental information and will help you find your unique voice.

Kendrick Jacocks

As the author of Bel Canto: A Professional Manual and Anatomy of Bel Canto, vocal coach Kendrick Jacocks has a unique and rare vocal heritage. He has studied under some of the greatest singers of all time, including Lydia Lipkowskaya, Aureliano Pertile, Maria Malibran, and the Garcia family. His work is based on these teachers’ methods and provides anatomical proof of their work.

David Grant

David Grant and his wife Carrie are some of the most prominent vocal coaches in the UK today. Known for their motivational speeches and training courses, these two are also known as some of the most successful vocal coaches in the world. They’ve trained numerous clients and have even presented awards. In addition to their many successful careers in the music industry, Carrie and David Grant have also written books and performed on stage. Listed below are just a few of their notable clients.