There are many vocal coaches, but who is the best? Amparo Bellon-Champ, Madeleine Harvey, and Rhoda Gravador are just a few of the many vocal masters who have helped singers improve their technique. Read on for their respective qualifications and expertise. This article also outlines what to look for in a vocal coach. Listed below are the top four vocal coaches in the world.

Rhoda Gravador

The #1 vocal coach in the world is a very high-profile voice instructor. Her passion for music teaching grew from her own experience as a student. She loves to watch students conquer fears and learn new notes. Her teaching philosophy is focused on the enrichment of students’ lives through music. During the years of her career, Gravador has taught students from all over the world, and she is renowned for her enthusiasm and zeal for her students.

Amparo Bellon-Champ

Amparo Bellon-Champ is a dual-cultural, bilingual voice coach who has studied with Dr. Martin’s for over ten years. She is a former recording artist with Dicesa and has performed on television, radio, and in music festivals. Amparo teaches students how to sing with authenticity and commerciality. She offers online lessons and live lessons to help her students improve their technique.

Tona de Brett

In this book, you’ll learn from Tona de Brett’s vast experience and expertise as the world’s leading voice coach. She has worked with some of the world’s most prominent singers and stars. The book contains hundreds of video examples linked to the exercises, numerous practice tips, and 55 unique exercises. It’s an excellent resource for serious singers and music lovers. She explains how to improve your voice and how to deliver powerful performances.

Madeleine Harvey

If you want to sing like Ariana Grande or Justin Timberlake, you need to learn how to hit higher notes. The whistle and falsetto registers are in demand in pop and rock genres. Everyone can sing higher, but not everyone does. A vocal coach can teach you how to channel your inner voice to sing higher. Listed below are the benefits of vocal training from a professional coach.

Shirlee Emmons

The reason why Shirlee Emmons is the top vocal coach in the world is because she teaches mental skills that free you from the technicalities of the voice. These skills will allow you to trust your ability rather than worry about how well you can sing. When you have learned to develop these skills, you’ll find that you can sing at a very high level and have consistent, great performances.

Howard Howard

If you are looking for vocal coach services in New York or London, then you’ve come to the right place. Howard is known for putting singers on the right track, and his techniques are proven to work. His webstore has hundreds of items from artists around the world, including his own. Howard is also part of a line-up with Ringo Starr for a 28-date US tour. The 2001 tour is notable because of the new line-up, which includes ex-Supertramp frontman Roger Hodgson, a former Mott the Hodgson, and former King Crimson bassist Greg Lake.