In New York City, space is expensive. So where can you teach your singing lessons? Here are a few ideas that will help you get this part of your vocal coaching business figured out.

Teach from Home

Some people don’t like this idea, but teaching from your apartment can be a great way to go. If you do this, it’s important to keep your space clean and professional. You also want to consider things like building accessibility and neighbors.

Some buildings wouldn’t allow you to have loud guests. Others, it’s less of an issue. You may have to choose your home accordingly.

Rent Out Space from Studios

There are plenty of studios that rent out rooms for private singing lessons. They’re not cheap, but they give you the ability to separate work from home, which a lot of voice teachers and people in general need.

These spaces are changing all the time, but a quick google search should help get you started.

Ask Around for Space to Share

There are many places of business that only operate during certain hours. Churches and lower end theaters, for example, can be a great place to ask if they have extra space to use. It can be a pain to setup and break down each day, but it can also be worth it in the right scenario.

Go to Your Clients Apartments

This isn’t always the best option as it’s time consuming, but you can often charge more for it to help make up for lost time. Plus, it’s sometimes easier to teach your vocal lessons from someone else’s house than your own.