So you’ve decided to learn how to sing, but are wondering where to get singing lessons. There are plenty of options, no matter where you live. Local churches, private music studios, schools, apps, and online singing lessons are all great places to develop your voice. So let’s talk more about each of them and how they can help you.

Local Churches

Larger churches often times have music programs that can help you with your singing. This could be done through singing in a choir or on a praise team. Some churches even have teachers and offer music lessons out of their facility. This may be a good fit for someone who wants to learn more about the basics of singing and enjoys spiritual music.

Private Music Studios

Most cities and towns have businesses that teach vocal lessons. This could be through a private music studio, a local music store, or even at a dance studio.

These studios often times have well educated teachers with college degrees. You can often times learn a lot by taking private lessons at a place like this. Just make sure your teacher is a good fit for what you want to learn.

At School

Most middle schools and high schools offer choirs as well as musical theater. This can be a great way to get started learning more about singing. Furthermore, the school’s music teacher will often teach voice lessons on the side. And if they don’t, they definitely know someone who does. So ask and see.

Singing Lessons App

Apps cannot replace private singing lessons, but they can help you get started in understanding vocal technique and vocal warm ups. Our singing lessons app is a great resource for all singers, and you can access much of the training for free. Be sure to check it out!

Online Singing Lessons

If you haven’t found the right teacher for you in any of the places mentioned about, there’s no shortage of vocal teachers offering online voice lessons. The best part about going online for your lessons is that you are not limited to the people in your area. So, you can find the teacher that’s the best fit for you.

All the best teachers offer online lessons now a days, so try out a few until you find one the one that works best for you!