If you are wondering where you can find free singing lessons, there are several different places you can look. The internet is full of different sites that offer singing instruction, from YouTube channels to takelessons.com. Some of these sites are more quality than others, and some of them are even free. But you should be careful, as there are many ways to get bad singing instruction. These lessons will often be ineffective, and they will likely teach you bad vocal techniques. On the other hand, there are plenty of free online sources that offer excellent instruction.


If you’re looking for free online singing lessons, you’ve probably heard of Takelessons. This website features over six thousand singing instructors, who are all qualified to teach you how to sing. The site features instructor ratings and reviews, as well as information about their teaching style and lesson plan. Takelessons is home to more than 200,000 students and thousands of instructors with decades of experience in the field.


The ArtistWorks website features several different packages for each lesson. You can sign up for self-paced lessons, certification courses, or a combination of all three. Each lesson offers audio, video, or downloadable materials, but the lesson itself is not interactive or live. You can also subscribe to a monthly plan that is fixed at $29 a month. The longer the subscription, the cheaper it is per month and the more bonuses you get.

Roger Love Singing Academy

Although the free trial offer from Roger Love’s Singing Academy does not include any singing lessons, there is still a substantial amount of information that can help beginners become better singers. The method Roger uses is known to produce better singers. The classes are divided into three main categories: pop, country, and gospel. The course will also teach you how to perform in a variety of styles, such as rock, gospel, and pop music. It also offers tips on how to perform the perfect audition.

Eric Arceneaux’s Singing Success course

Eric Arceneaux is a twenty year old vocal coach and breathwork specialist who has gained worldwide fame as a guest instructor on the popular TV show, Singing Success. He teaches a number of different techniques to help you improve your voice and become an international superstar. The course focuses on vocal exercises and breathing techniques that help you develop a strong, mix voice. Each section of the course focuses on a different exercise, with five or six video lessons. The nuances in vocal exercises are essential to the success of your voice, and the subtleties in muscular coordination are what make a good singer great. The skillful singer knows the intricate maneuvers and techniques required to get the best voice.

Jeannie Deva’s Superior Singing Method

If you want to improve your singing, Jeannie Deva’s Superior SINGING METHODS can help. They are based on an innovative scientific system and have helped thousands of singers reach their peak potential. The main course provides the foundation for achieving your desired vocal tone and power. There are additional supplemental exercises that will increase your range and improve your overall technique. The warm-up exercises, which are included in the book, are very effective.