If you’re wondering where to find a cheap vocal coach to teach you how to speak better, you’re not alone. Many people find that their voice has been hampered by overuse or by a lack of practice. If you’re not sure where to start looking for an affordable vocal coach, here are some tips. Use sites like Yelp to find the top vocal teachers in your area, as well as those in your price range. After you’ve narrowed your list, start talking to them to find out whether they’re flexible with their schedules and how much they charge.


Craigslist has a section dedicated to voice coaches. If you are looking for a voice coach, search for one under ‘Services’. Be sure to leave the address of your location blank until you speak to the teacher. Meet in a public place if possible. In your ad, list your desired voice coach’s phone number, vocal ability, schedule, and price. Include the style of music you’d like to learn and any other important information you might want to share with the coach. You can also ask the teacher to send you a resume if they have one.

Robert Lunte

If you’re looking for a cheap vocal coach to speak better, you’ve probably come across the work of Robert Lunte. His work has been recognized around the world and he is the creator of The Vocalist Studio, a school dedicated to vocal techniques, accent training, and teacher training. Besides being an internationally recognized voice instructor, he is also a writer and producer of a popular book on the subject. He also serves as a Master Trainer for FIRE-UP Training, a corporate sales training school, where he imparts his extensive knowledge of accent training and vocal production.

The Vocalist Studio provides online vocal lessons from expert vocal trainer Robert Lunte. The lessons can be completed in a matter of weeks and can be taken at any time. The Vocalist Studio features online video tutorials and audio tutorials, exercises, and vocal workout videos. The course includes both private lessons and Skype sessions. You will also receive a hard copy of the book, The Four Pillars of Singing, from Robert Lunte himself.

Charmaine Brown

If you’re wondering if you need a vocal coach to improve your voice, Charmaine Brown’s program can help. She specializes in vocal training for worship leaders and offers practical, hands-on training. Students who follow her program see dramatic improvements in their voices. Charmaine’s training methods have helped thousands of people overcome their limitations. She has helped many worship singers overcome issues such as vocal fatigue, unreachable high notes, and more.

The cost of hiring a professional coach to improve your voice is a common question. However, it is essential to remember that cheap vocal coaches are not necessarily better than expensive ones. You can also opt to find a coach whose fees are lower than others. You’ll be surprised by the difference between the prices of expensive and cheap vocal coaches. However, you can’t afford to take a vocal coach at first; you should make sure you can pay the cost before hiring the coach.