Where Can I Get Singing Lessons in Battle Creek, Michigan?

If you’re searching for voice lessons in Battle Creek, Michigan, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to discover several great resources. This article discusses Alexis Music Studio, Kalamazoo Music School, Takelessons, Southwestern Michigan Vocal Festival, and Battle Creek Vocal Festival. Find a good teacher, and start practicing today! We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the results.


When looking for voice lessons in Battle Creek, Michigan, you will find many options. You can look for a singing teacher on sites like Thumbtack or Takelessons, but it is difficult to find one with the education and experience that Lesson With You offers. The service offers live online singing lessons with professional voice teachers with Bachelor’s degrees from top music schools. You can even get your first trial lesson free!

Kalamazoo Music School

The voice studio at the Kalamazoo Music School provides students with a nurturing environment for learning proper singing techniques. Students of all ages and skill levels are welcomed at this music school. Students learn how to sound great consistently through proper singing techniques. The school’s professional instructors continue to work with singers with different abilities and ages to keep them on top of the latest techniques. Here, you can expect to get quality vocal lessons from teachers with decades of experience.


If you’re considering taking voice lessons in Battle Creek, Michigan, you’ve probably come across sites like Thumbtack and Takelessons. While there are plenty of talented singers on these websites, you may find it difficult to compare their prices and education to Lesson With You. This online voice lesson service provides live, online voice lessons from teachers with Bachelor’s degrees in voice performance and studied at prestigious music schools. The lessons begin with a free trial lesson, which you can use to see if the service is right for you.

Southwestern Michigan Vocal Festivals

Southwestern Michigan is home to one of the country’s most renowned choral festivals – the Southwestern Michigan Vocal Fest. Each year, more than 1,000 high school singers perform at this festival on the campus of Western Michigan University. The festival features guest conductors and a wide variety of music. Southwestern Michigan students enjoy the opportunity to sing together, learn from renowned conductors, and make music for their community.

Cost of singing lessons

There are two main types of lessons, one of which costs $50 and the other costs $70-$90 per hour. Lessons with non-singing teachers are more affordable, but they do not possess the advanced vocal abilities necessary to teach the craft effectively. Non-singing teachers are also limited in the technical instruction they can provide, which means they may end up teaching the wrong habits and limiting the student’s progress.

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