To become a voice coach, you can either take courses in college or online, hire a voice tutor, or enroll in a private program.

There are several high end certifications, including BMAs, SLS, IVTOM, Estille, and the Institute for Vocal Advancement. Some of these can be fairly expensive, while others are not that bad.

Certifications enhance your knowledge of the science of singing, while classes help you observe professionals in action. You can also choose to join a choir and observe their leaders. By taking lessons with their vocal instructors, you will develop a greater appreciation for the art and science of music.

Choosing the Method that’s Right for You

If you’re serious about improving your singing technique, becoming a certified vocal coach is the right way to start. This cutting-edge vocal technique system includes valuable voice feedback tools, a standardized certification process, and an active online community. In addition to helping you develop your voice, these courses will help you achieve your personal singing goals.

I highly recommend working with coaches in each technique to get a feel for their approach. Also, consider whether community is important to you, and ongoing training requirements. Most students don’t care that much about your certifications, but some do and the ones that do will be infinitely easier to sell at a higher rate.

Overall, only you can decide which certification program is right for you. But when in doubt, try some of them out and see which one you like best.