When can you start singing lessons? It’s a good idea to start at a young age. But exactly what age depends on your needs and vocal use. The layers of the vocal cords don’t fully form until at least age 6.

That said, most teachers don’t suggest starting lessons until closer to 8-12 unless the child is singing a lot. Naturally, parents should keep in mind that the voice of a child will change as it grows older, so it’s important to discuss this with them at an early age.

Beginners Should Start Singing Lessons No Earlier than the Age of 6

As mentioned above, it’s important that the child’s vocal folds are fully formed. Also, keep in mind that lessons at this age include a lot of the instructor modeling a singing style that a student wishes to mimic.

Also, we can start to drill in minimal vocal technique, just to make sure that the student has a foundation of proper breathing, posture, and resonance. Beyond that, lessons are mostly becoming familiar with matching pitch and rhythms.

Pre-Pubescent Voices

Before puberty, males and females have thin vocal cord, so singing lower notes is difficult. However, singing lessons at this age can help children improve their range by focusing on singing in a higher range. Males and females who start voice lessons at this age have a less aggressive transition as they go through the voice change.

Starting Lessons After the Voice has Started to Change

Many singers start lessons after the voice change. This is when a lot of singers prioritize lessons because now they can’t hit the notes that they once could.

While this isn’t a bad time to start, you can definitely get a jump start by starting lessons before this. Most successful singers began before this point. But then again, it’s never too late to start.

There is No Correct Age to Start Singing Lessons

Truth is, there is no set age when a child should begin vocal lessons. Some experts recommend that children start at a young age and have their singing teacher help them develop a firm foundation on things like basic musical theory and techniques for improving their voice.

But ultimately, if you’re thinking of signing up your child for singing lessons, the main thing to consider whether he or she is mature enough for the experience. If not, early vocal training could be counterproductive.