So you want to be a singer. How do you choose a vocal coach? Here are a few tips. Choose a vocal teacher who works within your schedule and budget. Otherwise, you may be on a start-stop program that will negatively affect your progress. Keep in mind that the most sought-after vocal teachers may have a waiting list, so you might need to be patient. Also, look for relevant experience, education and qualifications of the vocal coach. Check with reputable institutions for the qualifications of vocal teachers.

Tim Carson

Vocal artistry founder Tim Carson is a renowned singer and voice coach. His clients include professional singers, recording artists, and Broadway performers. He holds a Master’s degree in voice from Northeastern Illinois University. His teaching methods have been cited in national publications, such as Hal Leonard books. Whether you’re aspiring to be an opera singer or a jazz star, Carson can help you achieve your goals.

Mr. Carson’s techniques are highly effective in helping singers communicate their feelings and emotions. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the voice as a learned instrument and teaches clients how to develop a unique voice. Tim Carson’s principles and methods have been tested and proven to produce more successful singers. His techniques draw on 400 years of classical vocal instruction. Listed below are some of the vocal exercises and tips Mr. Carson uses with his clients.

Audrey Hunt

As a professional pianist, Audrey Hunt is a leading vocal coach for singers. With over 32 years in the music industry, Audrey is an expert in the area of vocal training and has coached singers from beginner to Broadway. Her students have risen from the ranks of amateurs to be in commercials, TV shows, and Broadway Musicals. She has appeared on numerous talk shows and offers seminars and workshops nationally.

Audrey started singing when she was three years old, a response to the cry for music in hospitals. As a child, Audrey developed a passion for singing and piano performance. This outlet allowed her to survive an incredibly difficult childhood. Audrey was even nominated for the “Entertainer of the Year” award in Hawaii, where she performed at the Hilton Hotel, the Sheraton, and the Outrigger.

Dr. Joan Frey Boytim

Known as the “vocal whisperer,” Joan Frey Boytim has devoted her life to sharing her talents with other singers. Her impressive resume includes teaching, writing, and compiling song anthologies. She has also published numerous books and has performed throughout the world. Her studio is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. In addition to her teaching career, Boytim compiled a number of vocal anthologies for Hal Leonard, a world-class musical publisher.

Ms. Boytim’s voice lessons are perfect for singers of all levels. With her help, you can learn the correct techniques and develop a powerful voice that will allow you to shine in your next audition. She also specializes in acting, vocal technique, and voice science. Her students have won competitions and been accepted to top music schools. Some of them even pursued careers in the music industry, such as Broadway tours.

Dr. Teri Danz

Teri Danz is one of the most sought-after vocal coaches in the United States. She has been hailed as one of the best voice teachers in the country and her clients include a plethora of professional singers. Besides her many credentials, Teri is an accomplished recording artist with a master’s degree and a BA in speech and communication. Her experience includes studio recording, national press, and numerous other endorsements.

Her voice coaching techniques focus on correct vocal placement and breathing. She also emphasizes on maintaining the right chest position and supporting the air with the right amount of volume. She also teaches singers to drop their jaw instead of expelling air to improve volume and resonance. The benefits of vocal training are well-documented, and her clients have achieved major breakthroughs in their singing.