What happened to the holistic vocal coach contestant on X-factor? Her audition, labelled “the worst ever” on YouTube, was accompanied by an emotional exchange with the judges. It was clear that Ariel Burdett was no contender despite her claims to be a holistic vocal coach. Unfortunately, she committed suicide in her flat in 2019. Despite her apparent success in the singing competition, Ariel’s life was marred by tragedy and uncertainty.

Thomas was a holistic vocal coach on the x-factor

The X-Factor season five was a memorable episode for one singer – Amy “Ariel” Burdett. The holistic vocal coach performed a unique piece for Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh. After the audition, she told the judges to “shove a bit of metal up your a**”. However, sadly, Burdett was found dead at her home in Leeds on Monday evening.

Ariel Burdett took her own life

Ariel Burdett was found dead in her bed on Monday, with an incised neck wound. She had auditioned for the show with dreadlocks and dark eye makeup. She also told the judges after the audition to “shove a bit of metal up their a**es.” The coroner’s court heard that she had paranoid schizophrenia, a common mental health problem.

Lola Saunders was a holistic vocal coach on the x-factor

The North East X-Factor star was booted off the show last week after a poor performance in the Judges Houses. She is now rumoured to be re-selected by Louis Walsh. Teachers from her former school have sent messages of support for Lola. Here’s what we know so far. Lola is the daughter of holistic vocal coach Lola Saunders.

Dannii Minogue backed her own act on the x-factor

Before returning to The X Factor for the fifth time, Dannii Minogue was a mentor on the show, and she coached some of the finalists. Her protégés included Leon Jackson, Matt Cardle, Cheryl Tweedy, and Sharon Osbourne. However, it wasn’t all roses and glee for Dannii. She and Osbourne feuded, and Dannii wrote about her troubles in her autobiography.

Sharon Osbourne says she ‘loves’ Dannii Minogue

A few years ago, Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue had a feud over the X Factor. They both had a rocky relationship and both had the same amount of media savvy. Despite their feud, however, Dannii was forced to quit the show after a year and was replaced by Cheryl Cole. In 2008, Dannii broke down over a row with Louis Walsh and she was criticised by Sharon. Recently, however, Osbourne has come out to say that she ‘loves’ Dannii.