To become a vocal coach, you need an undergraduate degree in music or performing arts. Those who have already been trained as professional singers can also pursue this career. This article discusses the requirements for becoming a vocal coach, including the cost and experience required. Listed below are the essential qualifications for this career. You must be willing to pay a high tuition fee, which can be more than $30 per hour.

An undergraduate degree in music or performing arts

Vocal coaches are needed in all areas of music and the arts, including opera, ballet, and musical theatre. Vocal performance majors receive individualized training from world-renowned visiting artists and faculty. Vocal studies are integrated into other disciplines, such as music theory and history, with opportunities for performing and observing artists from diverse genres. After completing a bachelor’s degree, students may earn an advanced certificate to broaden their knowledge of vocal pedagogy.

A BA in music will emphasize the voice, with a secondary focus in a related field. A secondary focus may include theater, business, or a foreign language, but it is less than a double major. In some states, a BA performance degree is equivalent to a BM. In other schools, a BA in music can lead to employment in elementary or secondary music education.

Experience as a professional singer

Many students will benefit from experience as a professional singer. During their training, they may perform a variety of styles and genres. Vocal coaches who have a broad knowledge of the vocal arts can provide valuable insights to students and improve their performance. Experience as a professional singer is helpful, but is not essential. However, having a diverse range of interests is helpful. Choosing a specific style of singing will allow you to focus your efforts on improving your technique and your style.

If you’re a singer, you might have already participated in singing competitions such as The Voice, American Idol, and X Factor. While these are extremely competitive, local and regional competitions are less cutthroat and can provide you with invaluable experience. Whether you’re working on your own or working with others, it will be helpful to gain experience in the industry.

Costs of becoming a vocal coach

If you’re considering becoming a vocal coach, you’ll want to carefully consider the costs involved. The average salary for a vocal coach is $50,000 per year, though this figure can vary greatly depending on the area you work in and the skills and experience of your prospective students. A vocal coach in a larger city may charge up to $100 an hour for lessons, while one in a smaller town may earn as little as $20 or $30 an hour.

If you want to become a vocal coach, you’ll first need to gain professional voice training. A performing arts school or liberal arts college offers courses in singing, but these can be expensive. In addition, you’ll also need to pay self-employment taxes, so make sure to research the specific laws and requirements before enrolling. You can also try affiliate marketing, which can bring in a steady stream of income for a vocal coach.