If you’ve never had any musical experience before, you may be wondering what singing lessons are like. Don’t let this deter you, though. Music teachers love to share their love of music with others.

Before starting lessons, consider your specific goals. Are you interested in learning to sing specific songs or broadening your musical education?

Regardless of your reasons, you’ll surely find a teacher who is willing to help you learn how to be a good singer. Here’s what that process might look like.

Questions to Ask Before Beginning a Singing Lesson

There are some questions to ask before beginning a singing lesson. Young students may not be eager to start voice lessons, but they will respond to the demonstration more favorably than an instructor who spends a lot of time getting to know them.

Also, the same is true. So come ready to open up and share about yourself as well as ask your teacher question. They will be doing the same to you.

Structure of a Voice Lesson

In vocal lessons, you’ll use both warm ups and songs to help you accomplish your vocal goals. Usually you’d start with a warm up, then move onto a song. Lessons will usually wrap up with a review of what was productive that lesson and an idea of how to practice the following week.

Songs Taught in a Lesson

It’s always important to work on music that you like. This makes it much easier to practice and more enjoyable for everyone.

Different teachers have different methods of selecting songs, but the song should be helping you move toward your vocal goals.

Between Lessons, Do the Work & Come Prepared

Once you’re done with your lesson, you’ll want to have a good idea of what to practice between now and your next lesson. Do this, and come ready to tell your teacher about your experience.

What worked? What didn’t? Bring any questions you have. When you come prepared, you learn and grow much faster.