As a fan of metal and screamo music, you may be curious about what a vocal coach who taught metal/screamo actually taught her students. Here, you’ll learn more about Aliki Vocal Technique, Melissa Cross’s unique vocal training method, David Benites’ technique, and Ozzy Osbourne’s vocal coach, David Benites. Whether you’re looking to improve your voice or have a hard time singing, you’ll find this information valuable.

Aliki is a vocal coach who taught metal/screamo

As a vocal coach, Aliki Dawson has studied with a variety of master teachers, including Jeremy Fisher of the Vocal Process and Stephen King. Aliki has taught master classes on distortions at music schools throughout the US. She also studied with Dr. Jenevora Willams on vocal health. In addition to her extensive training as a vocal coach, Aliki is a musician, having released 6 albums with bands such as Desolate Plains and Tattered Pages.

While the style of metal singing has become increasingly extreme, it still retains its classical training. Singers of metal often seek out vocal coaches who specialize in this genre. Often a vocal coach who specializes in metal is also a former singer. Metal singers need to learn specific techniques that allow them to sing powerfully, clearly, and without damaging their vocal boxes. In Aliki’s case, this wasn’t always the case.

Melissa Cross is a vocal coach who taught metal/screamo

While most voice coaches focus on the technique and range of voices, Melissa Cross emphasizes emotion and avoiding contrivance. She’s a heavy metal veteran, and she’s helped vocalists from a variety of genres achieve their goals. As a vocal coach, Cross has worked with many metal artists and bands, including Cradle Of Filth, Bullet For My Valentine, and Coheed And Cambria. Cross was inspired to start teaching metal and screamo when she attended a concert by the band Slayer. She was so moved by the scene that she took a job with Jesse Leach.

After learning Melissa’s technique, she quit her day job as a lawyer for major record companies and entertainment law practices to pursue her passion. She played street music when she was first discovered, and her talent soon began to be recognized by other artists. She also became her first vocal coach. And she was able to demonstrate how to use her technique with a full video. It was like watching a mother perform in a metal band.

Ozzy Osbourne’s vocal coach

Ozzy Osbourne has long been rumored to have taken vocal lessons, and he is not the only singer to have received them. Other metal icons such as Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson also took lessons. In fact, Dickinson even took opera lessons before starting his career. In fact, he stole his technique from his ex-girlfriend, who was a former pupil at the prestigious Cheltenham Ladies’ College. His vocal lessons radically changed his life.

Metal singing requires serious training and practice to master the screams. Although many people are capable of singing, few sound good. Typically, most people can produce a passable sound in a month or two of learning to sing. However, metal singers must have an exceptional level of vocal fitness and a vocal coach who has studied the techniques. And of course, a good vocal coach must also be a good bodybuilder.