When a person is insecure about their vocal range, they tend to sing in keys outside their range, and they eventually lose their nerve and quit trying. After a couple of bad experiences, they think that they cannot sing in pitch and stop trying altogether. In fact, the opposite is true: with proper voice lessons, people can learn to sing and expand their vocal range without relying on a mediocre teacher.

Teaching yourself to sing online

If you think you can’t sing, you’re not alone. Many people have no idea how to begin. Many singers have no experience whatsoever. And without taking a single voice lesson, you won’t know what repertoire will fit your voice type. You’ll also be completely clueless about subtle stylistic characteristics. This is the problem that so many self-taught singers face.

Getting a recorder

You don’t need to have a great voice to learn to sing. There are many ways to improve your voice, including vocal coach sessions. The key is to get feedback from different people. A friend, teacher, sibling, or a fan of your music may all give you great feedback. If you’re not comfortable getting feedback from people who know you well, try asking strangers.

Extending your vocal range

To extend your vocal range, you must learn proper breathing techniques. It is extremely difficult to sing notes that are higher than your natural range, but you can learn how to sing higher notes without damaging your vocal cords. In addition to learning how to hold your breath while singing, you need to understand how to regulate your breath. Learning how to do this will help you sing higher notes with ease.

Avoiding ‘bad voice’ myths

There are many myths about singing, and not all of them are harmful. Some are just plain silly, and others are downright damaging. While some are harmless, they are based on inadequate knowledge of the vocal mechanism. Fortunately, you can avoid the worst of these by seeking voice lessons from a qualified vocal coach. Here are some common myths about the voice, and what they mean for your singing success.