While comparing various vocal coaches can be helpful, it is essential to note that not every coach has the same approach or style. Despite the similarities, every voice is unique, and each student works at a different pace. Good voice coaches know this and choose songs that are stimulating and highlight the talent of each student. For these reasons, it is crucial to choose a coach who will work with your individual needs and interests. Here are some tips for choosing the right vocal coach.


The most famous vocal coach in the YouTube community is none other than Tristan Paredes. This media maestro first gained international fame as a voice teacher through YouTube. His videos analyze diverse vocal performances and help featured singers improve their performance skills. His videos have gained over 1M YouTube subscribers and 55K Instagram followers. If you want to improve your vocal performance, hire Tristan. He will make you sound better than ever!


If you’ve ever wished that you could sing better, you’re not alone. Claudiaclaire is a vocal coach with experience working with singers on the big screen, as well as on the hottest TV shows and films. Her extensive background in vocal coaching comes from her time in recording studios and on stage. Her extensive training enables her to tailor each lesson to the individual’s needs and style.


If you are considering hiring a vocal coach, you may be wondering whether Matt Riggs has the credentials to do the job. A former Speech Level Singing Instructor, Matt Riggs has trained under some of the world’s leading voice coaches, including Adrienne Angel and Dean Kaelin. He is a frequent guest lecturer for leading performing arts schools and was a featured vocal coach on the Broadway show Making It On Broadway.

Matt’s voice teacher

If you are considering hiring a vocal coach, you might be wondering how to find someone who has had the same level of success as you. Well, you can hire someone with the same level of experience as Matt, who has been a voice teacher for over a decade. Here are three of his best qualities. Let’s take a closer look at each one. First of all, Matt has extensive experience teaching students of all ages and levels. Second, he is highly knowledgeable and able to guide students in making the best use of their voice.

Cheryl Porter’s voice teacher

The unique training technique of Cheryl Porter, a classically trained opera singer, has gained worldwide recognition as a voice teacher. Cheryl’s vocal exercises are written to fun beats and encourage students to engage in a full body workout. In addition to vocal exercises, Cheryl’s students also use boxing gloves during lessons. Students learn to control their breathing and strengthen their diaphragm muscle, all while exploring proper technique and breathing.


Using Prestomusic as a vocal coach is an excellent way to develop your singing technique at home, while spending a fraction of the price. The website has been in operation for over 12 years, making it a proven option for those who need voice lessons but are on a tight budget. You can choose from a variety of classes, which can be tailored to fit your needs, including lessons on voice anatomy, pitch control, correct breathing, performance, song choice, and more.