This season of America’s Got Talent is full of surprises, from a 20-year-old vocal coach from Sunnydale, TX, to a former student from Mccomb, MS, who auditioned for “Phantom of the Opera”. Here are three facts about each finalist that you probably didn’t know. Dalton Rapatoni is a former student of La’Porsha Renae, Trent Harmon, and Mackenzie Bourg.

La’Porsha Renae is a vocal coach

If you’ve watched the American Idol season finale, you know that Dalton Rapattoni, a 20-year-old vocal teacher from north Texas, is one of the finalists. In the first round of the competition, the Top 3 artists performed a coronation song, which will be the winner’s debut single. Trent Harmon sang “Falling” while La’Porsha Renae sang a reprise from earlier in the season.

La’Porsha sounded beautiful on stage and on the set. Her voice was massive, but she was off-key at times. Harry could tell that La’Porsha didn’t fully believe in the message of the song. The competition was not suited to Dalton’s vocal performance, but she deserved to be there.

Trent Harmon is a waiter

Dalton Rapatonni has been a vocal coach for children and has been compared to Billie Joe Armstrong. While Rapatonni is no Billie Joe Armstrong, he’s an IM5 member who’s now a vocal coach for kids in Sunnyvale, Texas. His vocal technique has drawn comparisons to those of Billie Joe Armstrong and Billie Holiday.

While it’s true that the first time Harmon auditioned for American Idol was as a waiter, this didn’t prevent him from becoming a star. His farm-raised upbringing has made him an excellent choice for the show. His performance of “Unaware” by Alan Stone caught the judges’ attention as he surprised the panel. Harmon kept a leather-bound journal that recorded every comment made by the judges. This was important to him because he scribbled down every criticism he received. When he was diagnosed with mono, he was quarantined to a bathroom for a week, but he managed to keep going and perform his solo round on the show.

Dalton Rapatoni is a former student

A former “American Idol” contestant credits his vocal training at the School of Rock with helping him realize his musical goals. The “Show” singer recently spoke to Billboard online about his vocal coaching, upcoming album, and involvement with the school. Read on to learn more about Dalton Rapatoni and the School of Rock! Here is what he had to say about the program:

A former student of vocal coaching, Dalton Rapatoni has risen to stardom with a bang. His rise to fame came out of nowhere. He met Terry Longhway, who is now the head musical director for all 29 Schools of Rock. Their connection led Rapatoni to become a relatable mentor for other students. Although they were in a different situation, Rapatoni has remained committed to his vocal training and has even opened up about his bipolar disorder and mental illness.

He auditioned for “Phantom of the Opera”

The young singer is the latest American Idol contestant to make an impression. A vocal coach at the School of Rock, Rapatonni is well-versed in both music and teamwork. He sang an acoustic version of “Phantom of the Opera” during his audition. In his debut performance, he showed an impressive range and showed us the artistry behind his singing.

Rapatonni, who grew up in Sunnyvale, Texas, started playing the guitar at age eleven. In 2012, he joined boy band IM5, which he reformed with Chris Daughtry. After a few months, he released his first single, “Stop.”