A 26-year-old Long Island woman was charged with manslaughter for allegedly shoving a vocal coach, leaving her laying on the pavement and bleeding. Barbara Gustern, 87, later died from severe brain trauma, five days after the incident. According to police, the woman fled the scene and turned herself in to police. This article explores the events leading up to the woman’s arrest.

Lauren Pazienza charged with manslaughter in death of Barbara Maier Gustern

The case against Pazienza, the fiance of the man accused of killing Gustern, has turned deadly. The couple had been dating for more than a decade and lived in Queens. The alleged attack left Gustern bleeding profusely and Pazienza fled the scene, leaving behind her wedding web site and social media accounts. She later ran into her fiance several blocks away and left her cell phone at his aunt’s home.

Turned herself in to police

The woman who allegedly fatally shoved a 87-year-old vocal coach in New York City turned herself in to police earlier this week after an anonymous tip led authorities to her apartment. Pazienza faces manslaughter and assault charges in the woman’s death. She is accused of hurling an expletive and “dehumanizing” comment before she punched and shoved the vocal coach.

Flew from scene

Lauren Pazienza was arrested on Tuesday after police say she pushed a 87-year-old vocal coach on a Manhattan sidewalk. Gustern, who suffered traumatic brain injuries, died five days after the unprovoked attack. Pazienza, who was released on $500,000 bail, was arraigned on charges of assault and first-degree manslaughter. She pleaded not guilty to the charges and will appear in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Left victim bleeding from head

A voice teacher in Manhattan was left bleeding from the head and face of a woman who allegedly shoved her from behind. The victim, 87, was rushed to the hospital with traumatic brain damage after the attack, which happened last Thursday. The woman, Barbara Maier Gustern, worked with Broadway performers and beyond. She was a vocal coach to many famous performers, including Debbie Harry and the cast of the Broadway revival of “Oklahoma.”

Hurled epithet at victim before shoving her to ground

In the March 10 attack on Barbara Maier Gustern in Manhattan, defendant Lauren Pazienza allegedly hurled an epithet at the woman and then shoved her to the ground. The victim, 87, was critically injured. She died three days later. The incident was caught on surveillance video. The police report outlines the defendant’s actions, including the use of racial epithets.