We look forward to receiving your question!
Here are a few things you need to know:
  • You can record (up to 60 seconds) OR type your question.
  • No copy-written material can be included (aka other’s songs).
  • Your question is important to us, but there are limits. We’ll do out best to answer all questions that follow our guidelines, but please understand if we cannot due to time constraints (hasn’t been an issue yet tho).

Types of Questions:

Examples of Good Questions:
  • “I strain a lot in head voice. Here’s an example of one of the exercises you have. [sings exercise] How can I make this easier?”
  • “In one of your trainings, you said [this]. Can you clarify what you mean by that?”
  • “What should I do if I have to sing with allergies?”
  • “How can I sing low notes more easily? [sings scale struggling with low notes.] Thanks!
Examples of Bad Questions:
  • “How can I sing better?” or “Am I good?” and then singing for the rest of the video.

Why? These questions are vague and do not benefit others, which makes our livestream boring to watch. However, you can get this type of feedback by booking a lesson with us or submitting a Snippet

Finally, show up LIVE to the livestream! Sometimes we have follow-up questions, and it’s kind of cool to “talk” to you through the comments to get clarity.