Submit a Snippet!

We can’t wait to “meet” you! Snippets are a great way to get feedback from a professional without the financial and time constraints of lessons. 

You can send anything – scales, exercises, songs, audition cuts, clips of your latest youtube video, etc. It’s basically a mini-lesson!


  • Each snippet is $23. Payment is processed securely through Stripe.
  • You will need to enable camera & microphone permissions on your web browser in order to record. If you do not enable these permissions, you’ll pay for the snippet then be taken to a blank page… so you’ll have paid for nothing. No pressure.
  • Enter an email address that you check! This is the email we’ll send your feedback to. Incorrect/old email address = no feedback. And we won’t have any other way to get in touch with you to fix it. 🙁
  • You get 60 seconds. Some devices will let you record more, but on our end, it cuts off everything past 60 seconds. We won’t see anything more than that.

Tips for Recording

  • Use a different device to play an accompaniment track or recorded scales.
  • At the beginning, let us know if there’s something in particular you want us to give feedback on OR if there’s something you don’t want feedback on!
  • Be you. You’ll be tempted to record over and over to send us your perfect take. Please don’t. We can help you best move forward by hearing where you are right now – not by hearing your highlight reel.