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Developing your voice is all about getting the right instruction. Singing is not just a talent. It’s an ability. We can grow and enhance that skill over time.

So if you want to improve your singing, all you need is a little help developing your vocal skills. That’s where our highly experienced singing instructors come in.

Some of the vocal concepts our teachers help you with are developing vocal technique, style, and confidence.

Singing with a solid vocal technique enables you not just to sound fuller, it helps you sing for longer easily. It also opens a singer’s vocal range and vocal style.

A good singing style helps a singer in many ways. Mainly, it grabs your listener’s ear and helps them feel the emotion of the song. Our coaches can help you develop your style and do just that. 

Finally, everyone wants to feel more confident when singing. But the primary step to building confidence is understanding what you’re doing. And that is why vocal lessons can help so much!

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Learn from the Comfort of Your Own Home 

In the past, the only way you could take voice lessons was to drive across town to your teacher’s house or studio and do the lesson there.

But thanks to technology, today’s lessons are much more convenient. 

Virtual singing lessons are rapidly becoming the preferred ways of taking lessons. They are more convenient, often less expensive, & allow you to work with better teachers.

You also save time and money by not having to commute, and most people are more comfortable at home during their lessons.

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Singing Lessons for All Ages

Learning to sing is enjoyable for all ages. That said, students of different ages tend to have different goals. 

We’ll discuss some of the more common differences below. But rest assured, our coaches can help singers of all ages develop their voices. 

Singing Lessons for Children

The appropriate age to start singing lessons is a greatly debated topic.

Due to the physical development of the vocal folds, we recommend that kids start singing lessons when they are at least 8 years of age.

However, it may be better to start even later. This is often because it’s easier for older children to focus and apply the lessons learned in their classes. 

We have teachers that enjoy and prefer teaching voice lessons to children. If you’re wondering if it’s a good time to start lessons for your kid, our instructors can help.

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Voice Lessons for Teens

Teens often have different needs for vocal lessons than other ages.

Many teens need assistance with choir, show auditions, or college audition preparation. Others want to get better at singing the their favorite songs and see where that takes them.

We have instructors on our team that can help with your teenager’s goals.

To get started, tell us about your teen’s goals when you fill out the form, and we’ll help connect you two with a teacher that can help them along their journey.

Lessons for Adults

Helping an adult achieve their vocal goals is very different than someone younger. Adults usually have a better idea of the goals they want to achieve and are often more disciplined in making it happen.

Whether an adult client wants to perform, become a professional, or simply enjoy developing their voice, our coaches can help.

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What You’ll Learn Working with Our Voice Teachers

How to Sing with Healthy Technique

When you do 1-on-1 lessons with a vocal instructor, they help you understand and use healthy singing technique.

We accomplish this through explanation, experimenting, and application in both vocal exercises and song work.

You can do much more with less effort when you understand and use healthy singing technique. Plus, you just sound better.

If you want help establishing your singing technique, fill out the new student form, and we will get you in touch with a coach.

Find Your Voice and Develop Vocal Style

Vocal style is so much more than learning vibrato and runs. It’s about connecting to the song and getting the feeling across to your audience.

There are lots of stylistic components you can use as a vocalist.

Use them the right way, and it brings your song to life. Use them the wrong way, and your song sounds forced or uninteresting.

Our coaches can help you understand how to use style in such a way that enhances your song.

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Sing with Confidence

Performing in front of an audience can be challenging for some and outright terrifying for others. But our instructors can help you develop the right mindset, preparation, and experience that helps you perform with confidence.

Some singers get over stage fright quickly. For others, it can take some time. Either way, it’s worth it!

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Ready to Get Started?​

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