We’re Excited to Meet You!

Things You Need to Do Before Your Lesson:

  1. Have the following technology ready:

2. Contact Your Coach!

After downloading Skype and creating an account, click the link below that corresponds with your coach and send them a message so they can easily find you when it’s time for your lesson!
Coach Ken | Coach Kirsten Coach Saige | Coach Sami

3. Prepare a song.

If you want to formally prepare a song and get feedback on something you’ve been working on for a long time, awesome. We welcome that!

If you don’t, that’s fine too! Your song doesn’t have to be anything memorized and you can sing a capella, with a track, or you can pull up the song on YouTube and sing along with the artist with lyrics on the screen if you’d like. We’re flexible – we just want to get a feel for what you sound like within the context of a song.

How Virtual Lessons are Different:

First and foremost, yes, we can accomplish the exact same vocal development as an in-person lesson. We’ve taught virtual lessons for years and to clients all over the world! We know how to work with the technology and can hear all the nuances in your voice through the internet just as well as in person – sometimes even better!

Also, another great perk is that we record your virtual lesson. We can give a LOT of information in just one lesson. The recording gives you a chance to go back through, digest, and practice on your own time!

Technology things to know:


What will the lesson be like?

We’re here for you! So, if you have a specific technique you’d like to work on, we’ll work on it. If you just want to ask a bunch of questions, we’ll answer them. If you want to prepare for an upcoming audition or performance, we’ll prepare together. And if you just want to know what you specifically need to work on to “sound better” – we’ll tell you!

What if I can’t make it to my lesson?

As you may be able to tell from your scheduling experience so far, our coaches are BUSY!

If you realize you can’t make it to your scheduled lesson, text our office manager at 407-289-8000 as soon as possible to determine next steps!

No-call/no-shows will NOT be offered any refunds or reschedule opportunities.

*Why Skype?

FaceTime’s audio is good, but it is just for Apple products and doesn’t allow for easy recording. Zoom’s audio settings need to be adjusted before singing and require a few extra steps in sharing your lesson recording. Skype allows for easy recording & sharing, and its standard audio settings work well for singing, hence why we’ve chosen it as our preferred program! That said, if you’re having difficulties with Skype, please contact us at 407-289-8100 or email admin@singorlando.com !