If you’re unsure how to teach voice lessons online, consider putting up your own YouTube channel. Although your students cannot hear your voice, they can read your instructions and follow along with you. Here are some tips to make teaching voice online work for you. You may also want to consider signing up for some online courses. You can learn more about the basics and get started by watching the video below. You can even make money with it!

Great Singing Techniques

While some websites claim to offer lessons for beginner to advanced learners, you can find some great singing techniques all around the internet. You just have to know where to look. Our main articles are great for helping beginner to intermediate singers learn how to better use their voice. It starts with easy lessons and gradually gets more challenging as you progress.

These vocal lessons are simple yet effective at improving technique and style. They also help you discover how to break bad habits. So search away!

Singing Lessons App

Our app is a great resource that helps you with your singing. On it, we share free video tips as well as warm ups you can use to develop your voice. You can also access a couple of different vocal training courses for a small fee. All of these lessons can be reverse engineered to help you understand how to better teach singing.

Private Vocal Lessons Online

Once you’ve learned what you can from those resources, I’d suggest trying online vocal lessons with one of our coaches. You just can replace having a professional set of ears listen to and help you balance your sound. And, of course, you can ask any questions you’d like about the process along the way. The more you understand it, the better you’ll be! If you’re interested, sign up for lessons and work with one of our professional vocal coaches today!