Before you start teaching your child how to teach an adult male voice lessons, you must first find out if they are healthy or not. Even if they are eager to begin, they may not be telling the truth about their health. Therefore, you need to be alert and listen to their complaints. You can also ask about their past voice lessons. It is better to choose a teacher who is not only certified, but also has years of experience teaching adult male voice lessons.


The Estelle Liebling Vocal Course is a popular method, and it contains exercises for male and female singers of all levels. It also includes important elements of diction and a CD of illustrative songs. The book is extremely practical and easy to follow, and features quotations from some of today’s top teachers and singers. Whether you’re an aspiring tenor or a complete beginner, this comprehensive guide will get you singing in no time.

This course offers a free first module, and other modules follow a similar structure. Each module begins with a quiz, with a retake option available if you don’t get it right the first time. The vocal exercises build up gradually, with special attention given to breath management, belting, and twang. It is a demanding course, but you’ll be rewarded with a more focused approach over time.


If you’re interested in improving your singing, there are several resources you can find online. YouTube has several excellent singing tutorials, including a series of step-by-step videos that teach basic vocal warm-ups. The videos are easy to follow and are presented by a professional vocal coach with more than eight years of experience. They cover everything from understanding your breath to improving your range and tone. You can also combine these videos with other courses to find the right approach for your singing.

The first step is to learn what vocal parts are appropriate for your range and characteristics. For example, you should sing low notes in your chest and middle mix register, while high notes belong to your upper “soprano” head register. When learning to sing, make sure not to sing too high or too low. For the best results, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about singing techniques. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move on to more advanced lessons.

Places to find a teacher

One of the best ways to find a teacher for adult male voice classes is to use the classified ads in your area. Craigslist has an adult male voice lessons section. To find a teacher in your area, search the classified ads for ‘vocal coaches.’ Be sure to search for teachers by the type of lesson you are looking for and their price range. Before meeting with a teacher, set a budget for the lessons and make sure you are aware of the amount of time you need to devote to your voice lessons.

If you are having trouble paying for lessons, don’t be shy about discussing your financial situation with your prospective teacher. Some teachers offer a free trial lesson to get feedback from students. Some teachers will even agree to teach you for free until your financial situation improves. Be resourceful, but don’t make bad choices. There’s no need to settle for the first instructor you find. Try out several different teachers before making a decision.

Cost of lessons

The cost of adult male voice lessons can vary depending on your preferences and teacher’s expertise. Private lessons typically last half an hour to an hour. The price varies between $60 and $300 per hour, and may include the teacher’s location, experience, and accolades. Some teachers offer introductory group lessons at a reduced cost. For example, Wickham Vocal Studios offers a two-hour singing boot camp for just $25 per week. Some instructors offer Skype lessons at a discounted rate – 60 minutes for $65).

You can also try Craigslist to find a teacher. Look under ‘Services’ and enter the keyword “voice lessons.” You may want to be wary of giving out your address until you have spoken with the teacher. The best way to avoid this is to meet in a public place and avoid giving your address. Be sure to include a contact phone number, schedule, price, and preferred style of music. To verify the teacher’s credentials, request a resume and compare it to other instructors.