If you are interested in learning to sing, but you do not have the financial means? There are several creative ways to get lessons on a budget.

Join a Choir

Singing in a choir can you learn more about how to sing. Being part of a choir helps you better understand how to warm up, helps develop your ear, and makes you sharper at singing harmonies. If you’re lucky, your music director may even give you some pointers for free if you ask. Just be sure that he or she knows how committed you are before asking for favors.

Audition for Musicals

Often times, when you get cast in a musical, the music director will help you prepare. If you’re in the ensemble, it may be a lot like being in a choir. But if you are a lead, you may get even more in the way of singing lessons. I’d just be sure to ask around before auditioning if this is what you’re hoping for. Some theaters prefer you to learn the songs on your own, giving you little in the way of lessons.

Learn What You Can Online for Free

Many singing questions are a mere Youtube and google search away. Not all singing training on the internet is good or true. But it is possible to find advice that will help.

Offer to Trade Your Services for Lessons

Good vocal instructors stay busy and simply cannot offer free lessons to everyone who comes in asking for them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t trade services.

What skills do you have that could help your ideal teacher and their business? Are you a talented graphic designer? A writer? Videographer? Are you a wiz at social media? Can you handle administrative tasks? Offer to work in trade for lessons.

Offering to work in trade shows the teacher that you’re serious, and that you value their time. This doesn’t always work, but if you try it on enough teachers, you’ll likely find someone who will take you up on the offer. Just make sure you’re ready to provide equal value for what they charge, and you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised.