Yale has an undergraduate program for music students, allowing students of all levels to continue their studies. Singing lessons are one of the many options available. The program is particularly well-rounded, offering lessons in a wide range of genres. Additionally, students can choose to specialize in certain performance styles or learn a specific repertoire. The Yale undergraduate music lessons program offers students many benefits, including access to a world-class faculty and a diverse learning environment.

Music majors are part of a diversified liberal arts program

The new music major offers students a unique combination of musical skills and academics. Students at Yale can major in any field and earn either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. Regardless of their chosen major, students at Yale seek a rounded liberal arts education. Although music majors receive only 12 credits toward graduation, they are free to take electives from other fields. For this reason, Yale is an excellent choice for students who are looking to combine high-level music practice and exceptional academics.

They study a variety of genres

Singing majors at Yale may choose from a variety of tracks. The School of Music sponsors the Opera track and the Institute of Sacred Music sponsors the Early Music, Oratorio, and Chamber Ensemble track. Program advisers include Doris Yarick-Cross and James Taylor. Both tracks are designed to expose students to a variety of genres and styles. Students who are interested in studying opera may also want to check out the School of Music’s bulletin for more information.

They study a variety of repertoire

Singing lessons at Yale involve an extensive range of musical genres. The institute of Sacred Music, run by James Taylor, focuses on early music and religious works. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of opera productions. Students are encouraged to pursue their musical dreams and become part of the Yale community. The program is free for current undergraduate students. The program is ranked as one of the best in the nation.

They take a variety of courses

Students interested in studying voice can choose from two distinct tracks, one sponsored by the School of Music and the other by the Institute of Sacred Music. The School of Music oversees both tracks, and the vocal performance program is led by Doris Yarick-Cross. The Institute of Sacred Music sponsors the track specializing in early music, oratorio, and chamber ensemble. The course coordinator for the early music track is James Taylor.

They audition

If you’re interested in taking singing lessons at Yale University, the process begins with an audition. Applicants should have an audition a few months before the start of their classes. Yale’s vocal faculty is comprised of some of the most talented and accomplished voices in the country. While there are many options available to those interested in vocal performance, there are also specific requirements for students who wish to pursue a degree in music.