The first step to get voice lessons in Bitlife is to unlock them by going to the Mind and Body tab. Once you unlock them, you will be asked to get parental consent before you can start practicing your singing skills. When you take voice lessons, your skills increase each time you repeat the lesson. This will continue to improve your skills for at least three or four times before you stop progressing. There are also many ways to get voice lessons in Bitlife.

Job options

If you’re learning to sing in BitLife, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of different job options available for you. As a solo artist, you can sign up for three record levels. Generally, record companies accept singers with an average voice skill of 90% or better. It’s crucial to increase your voice skill before applying to record companies, as the average requirement for a recording contract is 90%.

Depending on your skill level, you can also choose to take voice lessons as a career option. Voice lessons must be taken at least three times per year. Once you unlock them, they’ll boost your voice’s skill level. As you grow older, you’ll be able to take more advanced voice lessons. In addition, if you’re aiming to become a singer, you can take up a vocal coaching job.


To start getting voice lessons in BitLife, you must be at least six years old. To start, you must visit the Mind and Body tab. Once you have selected this option, you can then proceed to take the lesson. You can repeat the lesson up to three times before you’ve reached the desired level. It is possible to take the lessons once or twice in a day, and you can also choose to take voice lessons several times a week.

To become a rapper in BitLife, you’ll need to take voice lessons. These lessons are found in the Mind & Body menu, and can be taken as many times as needed to improve your skills. Once you’ve completed your voice lessons, choose a special career. You can choose from the Musician or Solo Artist option. When you’re ready, audition for a record label, and if you’re successful, you’ll be offered a contract to be a rapper.

Getting a recording contract

As a solo singer, you can sign up for three record levels, and while most record labels accept such a singer, you may encounter challenges. Most record labels are not looking for people with voice skills lower than 90%, so you should consider getting voice lessons to improve your singing technique. You can also choose to audition for a record label before releasing your first single. After securing your record deal, you can then focus on releasing your first single or album.

A record deal is the most common way to get paid in BitLife. It allows you to make money by promoting your voice, and you can also receive endorsements from popular brands. It’s also possible to become a lead singer by recording songs and albums. However, this option is not for everyone, so you should be prepared to put in long hours and practice. The higher your fame bar, the more chances you’ll get to earn a recording contract.

Earning money as a singer

With the new music career option in BitLife, users can earn money as a singer. Much like being a musician, this new job will require time and effort. Developing your singing skills will require you to take voice lessons and spend time enhancing your skill level. You can also become a solo artist by signing up for three record levels. To become popular, you must score 90% or higher in your voice sill.

First, you need to be over 18 years old. Once you’ve done this, you can choose to become a singer. Select the occupation tab from the menu on the left. Next, select Special Careers. Click on Singer. Once you’ve chosen the career type, it’s time to improve your vocal technique and write a song that you’re proud of. Then, learn about your target audience. Then, create interesting videos that capture their attention.