I’m wondering how my vocal coach would react to Romantic Rain in “Moses Supposes.” What would the rubber face vocalist do? Or how Diction coach would react to the rain when I die? Here are some ideas. Is my voice coach like “Rubber Face” or a hopeless case? Which of these would you choose? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

Romantic Rain in “Moses Supposes”

‘Romantic Rain’ by Roger Edens evokes romantic musings about longing for love, longing to make someone laugh and lust. The song is based on the tongue-twister of the same name. Its lyrics are a twisted homage to the rainy day when love is in the air. Don sings and dances while the rain falls on his face.

Freed first suggested Kelly read the script of An American in Paris, which Kelly agreed to do. Donen and Green were long-time friends, so Kelly was a natural choice to direct the movie. For the song “Good Morning,” Comden and Green, along with Donen, contributed lyrics. The song is set to Roger Eden’s music. This music serves as the film’s defining moment.

Rubber Face in “Moses Supposes”

The title character in the musical comedy is named Rubber Face, and he is the love interest of Sally, a small-town girl. She visits NY to see his show, but soon finds herself bored with it. She decides to try to re-finance it, and lands a role as a Greek god, which is far from easy. Her song, “Moses Supposes,” is hilarious, but the lyrics aren’t.