If you’re a singer and you’ve ever wondered how much a vocal coach makes, this article will tell you. Here’s an average salary for singing teachers and vocal coaches. Also, learn how much Shakira and CeeLo paid their vocal coaches. Below you can see some examples of celebrity vocal coaches. It’s important to note that these vocal coaches aren’t necessarily paid more than their students.

Average annual salary for singing teachers

Singing teachers earn an average annual salary of approximately $65,340. This includes the salary of the middle 60% of Singing Teachers and the higher-paid 80%. In 2018, individuals making this salary would pay about 22% in federal taxes. This means that, after taxes, an individual could expect to take home $59,442 per year. This amount works out to almost $247 per paycheck. But the salary varies depending on the type of singing teacher and their employer.

Average annual salary for vocal coaches

The average annual salary for vocal coaches is $50,000. However, this can vary widely depending on the area and the level of experience. In a major city, a vocal coach can make up to $100 an hour, while a vocal instructor in a small town may earn only $20 to $30 an hour. Listed below are the top 10 cities where you can make an average annual salary as a vocal coach. To see the average salary in your area, visit ZipRecruiter.

Salary of Shakira’s vocal coach

The Salary of Shakira’s vocal coaches may seem low, but the reality show is making millions of dollars. The singer is worth at least $200 million and has made hundreds of millions of dollars in her career. In fact, Shakira has reportedly made over $150 million from her tours alone. And since the singer never won a season of The Voice, her pay was probably even more than that.

Salary of CeeLo’s vocal coach

The Salary of CeeLo’s Vocal Coach is unknown, but he makes a lot more than a typical singer-songwriter. The OG coach on The Voice made around $6.5 million per season and claimed that it had become his “day job.”

Salary of Legend’s vocal coach

The Salary of Legend’s vocal coach on The Voice is reported to be between $12 million and $15 million per season. The singer and songwriter is also worth an estimated $65 million from his music career. Legend started his coaching career on season 16 of The Voice and has amassed around $60 million in earnings through the show. The next season of The Voice is set to premiere later this month, and fans are looking forward to his dynamic with debutante coach Ariana Grande.