To find out how much voice lessons cost, consider these factors. The duration of the lesson, price, entry fee, and credentials of the teacher all play a role in the price. In general, 30 minute lessons cost $35 per week and 45-minute lessons cost $50 per week. A thirty-minute lesson typically involves vocal exercises for ten to fifteen minutes. A 45-minute lesson includes reviewing a current song with feedback and technique. During the lessons, the instructor will provide sheet music and mp3 recordings of the lessons and accompaniments.


The price of voice lessons can vary depending on how much the teacher knows about your desired style and whether you are looking for a country or classical style. A teacher who specializes in classical music or opera will likely charge more than someone who has only recently taken up voice lessons. The same goes for singers who want to learn the craft for stage performances or a particular genre. A professional voice teacher can have extensive knowledge in a particular field, but a more expensive teacher may not necessarily be the best teacher.


While deciding on the length of voice lessons, students should keep in mind that the more frequent the classes, the better. One lesson a week may not make as much of an impact as a few months of consistent practice. The best way to avoid bad habits and maximize the effectiveness of voice training is to focus on frequency, not length. If time is a factor, consider taking an hour-long lesson every other day. Afterwards, students can use the extra time to practice a song on their own.

Entry fee

Taking voice lessons is an important part of becoming a singer. Not only are these lessons beneficial for developing your singing skills, but they can also help you improve your confidence and stage presence. The classes are designed for all levels of experience and come in various genres. Pop, Broadway, and classical music are the most common types of music studied during voice lessons. Students can enroll in 30, 45, or 60-minute lessons depending on their schedule and ability.

Teacher’s credentials

What’s included in a voice lesson? Many public schools offer choral singing and voice lessons to students. High school teachers typically earn $65,930 a year, although this figure doesn’t reflect subject area. Secondary teachers can earn anywhere from $40,540 to $99,660 a year. A typical voice lesson lasts about 30 minutes, with the price increasing as the student progresses. A teacher’s credentials and experience can also determine how much voice lessons cost.


KBVS offers travel services for their voice lessons and has been conducting them over Zoom. KBVS will continue to operate online until further notice. Whether voice lessons are held on-site or online is up to the student. KBVS will consider the student’s location preference and time constraints when determining which location will be best for voice lessons. These services have many benefits for students and are available in a variety of settings. For more information, contact KBVS.