If you’re looking to improve your singing voice, you might be wondering how much do Skype voice lessons cost. Well that depends on who you work with. In our company, our associate level coaches charge $225 a month for a weekly 55 minute lesson at the time this article was posted. Or, if you’d prefer 30 minute lessons, it’s $135 a month.

That said, we do have coaches that are much more expensive. It all depends on what you’re looking to accomplish and who you want to work with.

Online Voice Lessons are Often Better than In-person Lessons

The best vocal coaches often times aren’t located close to you. Driving across town in traffic is a pain, but having your lesson from home saves you both time and money.

Many students continue skype lessons after trying it out, even when they’re located in the same city.

They Can Be Taken Wherever You Like

There are many benefits to Skype voice lessons. They can be used by adults and children alike. Before starting the lesson, you should decide whether you want to record the entire session or not. Just make sure everyone is aware that they’re being recorded and agrees.

The Can Be Taken With Whoever You Like

The best singing lessons you can get are with the teacher that’s right for you. Problem is, some areas lack qualified teachers. But there’s no shortage of coaches available online. You can work with high end coaches out of big cities without a commute, or simply find someone that’s good, but not in an expensive market. Providing you more bang for your buck. The possibilities are endless, but skype singing lessons are a great way to do lessons.