You may be wondering how much do private singing lessons cost. Generally, a one-hour lesson will run you an average of $60. Some teachers charge more, others less. And often times you get what you pay for. But let’s dive deeper into some of the factors of pricing.

Online Lessons Save You Money

Working with a coach online will end up saving you money, and often times helps you find a singing coach that’s right for you.

Voice lessons online, be it through Skype, Zoom, or Facetime, ultimately save you money. If for no other reason, you’re not having to pay for transportation to lessons. This could save you $10 in gas, or $40 in Uber fees. Some teachers also charge less for Skype lessons.

Likewise, you’ll be able to find a coach that’s a better fit for you because you’re not limiting yourself to coaches in a 10 mile radius of you. Working with the right coach can help you progress far faster than you’d think, so be sure to try this option out.

Low Tier vs Average vs High End Voice Teachers

Voice lessons are like any other skill. Some people are great at it, some people are ok, and others are kinda meh. Pricing and results are the indicators you want to look at.

For example, I heard recently of a singer working with a vocal teacher for $25 an hour. However, within a few weeks the teacher said she had already helped her as much as she could considering she was singing on the right pitches and rhythms. This is a great example of a lower tier coach. They have their place, but ultimately can only help you so much.

Mid tier coaches are often times have taught for a while and are decent, or pretty new and actually pretty good. They just haven’t been around long enough to build up their client load. I’d argue trying out different coaches until you find the latter is what you want as they can help you progress faster.

High end vocal coaches are good, and they charge what they’re worth. In a huge city like New York or LA, these coaches can charge $200-$500+/hr. In a smaller city, you’ll usually see them in the $100-$200/hr range. These coaches can often help you get results almost immediately, and can unlock issues you’ve been struggling with for years. When you hit a hurdle, it can be a good idea to work with a high end coach for a session or two so that they can help you understand how to overcome it.