So, how much are voice acting lessons? This article will give you an idea of how much they cost and which websites offer the best lessons. The first thing to keep in mind is that a voice acting class should teach you to use your voice in many different ways. That means learning control, rasping, technique, and more. If you learn all of these things, you’ll have an arsenal of skills to land any recording job you want.


If you’re an aspiring voice actor, you’re probably wondering how much voice acting lessons on Skillshare cost. There’s a free trial available, and a monthly fee of $15. You can also opt for an yearly plan for $99, which works out to $8.25 per month. There’s also a Voice Over 101 course taught by award-winning voice actor and trainer Christopher Tester, who has done thousands of projects.

These courses teach you the ins and outs of voice acting, from how to get a good voice for cartoon characters to how to research a play. They also teach you about setting up a recording studio, editing voiceovers, and much more. Many instructors are seasoned pros in the field, so you’re sure to get some great tips along the way. Skillshare also provides a two-month free trial, and you can subscribe to a variety of voice acting classes for up to $99 a year.


There are many ways to learn voice-over acting, and Udemy has the courses you’re looking for. In the Udemy voice acting course, you’ll learn how to be a professional, with clients such as Proactiv, Taco Bell, Food Network, Spike TV, and Fox Sports. The course also comes with a free process note checklist. And, if you’re not satisfied with the course, you can get a full refund.

The courses on Udemy are usually a little expensive, but you can get a free one-month trial of their program. This way, you can test out the course before paying for it. After that, you can purchase it for a one-time fee of $15 or pay $99 for the full course. The course includes videos and practical takes, which are useful in today’s tech world.

Coursera Plus

If you are interested in learning voice acting, then you should consider taking voice acting lessons on Coursera. The website offers free trials and an annual subscription plan. There are also various levels of certifications and specializations. The certificates can be shared on your LinkedIn profile, CV, and resume. And the best thing about the lessons is that they can be taken at anytime of the day or night, so you can work on your craft whenever you want.

The Coursera Plus cost varies, based on how many courses you plan to take. You can either enroll in a single course, or you can subscribe to the whole platform. The annual membership cost is $399. Each course will cost you anywhere from $30 to $100, and you can audit the courses for free. You can even sign up for a seven-day free trial to see if it’s for you. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you find that you’re not satisfied with the quality.

Will Kamp

If you’ve never done voice acting before, you might wonder how much voice acting lessons cost. You might have heard of a few YouTube courses or a few podcasts, but how much do voice acting lessons actually cost? There are many ways to start your career, and learning the business of voice acting is no exception. Here are some resources to help you get started. Will Kamp is an actor, singer, and voice-over artist from San Diego, California. He’s worked for national broadcast stations and has starred in countless TV and radio commercials. In addition, he’s a talented singer who has over ten years of experience in the voice-over industry.

A quality voice acting coach will not only help you improve your craft, but they’ll also educate you on the business side of it. They’ll teach you concepts, tactics, and industry insights to make your voice acting career a success. Voice over coaches also know the right people to work with, so you’ll be able to connect with clients and get paid well. Whether you’re interested in working as a freelancer or want to earn a full-time income, a professional voice over coach can help you improve your skills.