You may be wondering how many voice lessons do you need in BitLife to get a recording contract. Well, the process is actually quite simple. As long as you have at least a 90% voice ability, you can sign up for the Solo singer option and sing at the three recording levels. While the record companies generally accept solo singers, not all of them are looking for voice skills below that. If your skill level is under 90%, it will be very difficult to sign up for a recording contract in BitLife. Therefore, you need to take voice lessons.

Getting a recording contract in BitLife

Getting a recording contract in BitLife can be difficult, but it can be done! By following the right steps, you can become a famous Pop Star and earn real cash. As a Pop Star, you can do many things, including being featured in magazines, making videos, and performing commercials. These methods can make you a billionaire in BitLife, but be careful not to spend too much time trying to get them.

Once you’ve made some music, you can try to get a record contract. You can do this by applying to a record label. Click the Special Careers option in the Occupation menu and submit an application. You may get an interview, but you may not get the call. Regardless, you can always make albums and continue taking voice lessons to improve your voice. If you keep practicing, eventually you can earn a platinum album in BitLife.

Getting a singing job in BitLife

Getting a singing job in BitLife is possible, but it requires a few skills. First, you should be able to sing. You can choose from three different record levels. Once you reach 90% voice sill, record companies will start contacting you. If your voice doesn’t meet these minimum standards, you should take voice lessons or upgrade your voice quality. Then you’ll be on your way to becoming a famous singer in BitLife!

Once you’ve mastered the basics of singing, you’ll be able to earn money from endorsements and even record deals. This means you’ll need to practice, attend shows, and practice your skills. Make sure you pay attention to the genre of the record label you’re signing with. For example, you can make money by singing pop or rap. However, if you’d like to earn more, you can also pursue other career paths in BitLife.

Taking voice lessons in BitLife

Taking voice lessons in BitLife will increase your character’s singing skill. You will find voice lessons under the Mind & Body tab. Taking voice lessons will improve your voice and give you a higher skill each time you perform. Once you’ve completed a lesson, you can repeat it as many times as you want before you stop making progress. This option is available only if your parent has approved it. For children, this can be a great way to get them to sing for others.

As with any skill, vocal skills are slowly developed. Taking voice lessons in BitLife will help you get the skills necessary to make your character sound better and achieve fame. You will need a high school diploma to become a singer, and a simulated music career is an excellent way to do this. The voice lessons will also teach you how to use various instruments in BitLife. You’ll need to learn how to use these instruments and how to use them to improve your skills.