Depending on your level, you might be wondering how many singing lessons you need. If you’re a beginner, you probably only need one lesson per week. As you advance, you may want to look into more training. Naturally, you’ll want to keep cost in mind. So, let’s explore how many lessons you’ll need.

Beginners Should Have One Lesson Per Week

As a beginner, you should aim to have at least one singing class a week. Having more than one lesson a week will not give you enough time to practice, and you’ll also be unlikely to fully absorb all of the material covered during the session. Some people prefer to have two 30-minute lessons per week. But I don’t usually suggest this unless you have plenty of time to practice between these lessons.

Singing lessons will help you develop a good vocal tone. To improve your tone, you need to practice consistently. Aim for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 or six days a week. It’s more beneficial to practice for 15 minutes several times a week than to practice two hours on one day.

Intermediates Should Consider Taking Two Lessons Per Week

Once you’re at an intermediate level of singing, lessons become more technical and having them more frequently can be super helpful. Ideally, you wouldn’t start doubling up on lessons until you have a regular practice routine and are expanding your abilities. This means practicing a variety of genres, refining your understanding of your range, sweet spots and breaks in your voice, and focusing on the technical parts of the voice during lessons. Diving deeper into vocal style here is also important, as this is when a singer really begins to understand how to capture their listeners attention.

Advanced Singers Should Take Lessons as Needed

Once a singer reaches an advanced stage, they should take lessons as they are needed. Sometimes, this means taking lessons super frequently to accomplish a big goal. Other times, an advanced singer may only drop in for lessons every month or two. At this point, you should understand your voice, it’s needs, and when you need help.

It is also common for advanced singers to need advanced vocal coaches who charge more. The good news is, now that you understand more about your voice, you can benefit tremendously from learning a new idea in a lesson or two, then apply it over the next few weeks. So while the lessons are more, they don’t have to be as frequent.

Cost of Singing Lessons

The price of singing lessons can vary widely. The amount you will spend depends on the type of singing lesson and vocal coach you choose. Generally, beginner singers don’t need to spend more than about $60/hr for lessons, depending on the location and teacher.

Intermediate and advanced singers should be more selective with their teachers. It’s important to make sure the teacher can help you with your specific goals at this level. And always be sure to shop around and compare not just prices, but results before selecting a singing teacher. Sometimes the cheaper teacher will cost you more over time if they aren’t able to help you progress as fast as a more expensive teacher.