Many actors ask themselves how long it takes to get a proper accent. Depending on the complexity of the accent, it could be anywhere from a few months to a year. In some cases, actors will be given word lists to repeat or recorded samples to listen to. They may also be given movies and TV shows to watch or actual people to talk to. Ultimately, the goal is to become a natural speaker of the language.

Abigail Langham

In “Inherit the Wind,” a fictionalized version of the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, Langham’s role as a young woman enacting the character of Mrs. Blythe will make her voice sound even more authentic. Langham’s background in acting and teaching also provides her with a wealth of experience in accent reduction. While her career as an actress has been successful, she has yet to experience the roar of a thousand East Tennesseeans in Neyland Stadium.

Patrick Munoz

If you want to learn a new accent and have difficulty with it, Patrick Munoz can help you achieve your goal. In fact, he has worked with many notable actors and singers to improve their accents and pronunciation. The Los Angeles-based vocal coach has worked with actors on major and independent films, TV shows, and Broadway. His clients include Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, and New York Times Bestselling Author Alan C. Fox.

Corff Voice Studios

You’ve probably wondered, “How long with Corff Voice Studios to get an accent?” The studio is home to one of the nation’s most talented vocal coaches, Bob Corff. He has mastered the art of vocal coaching during his years on Broadway, where he starred in shows such as Grease and Jesus Christ Superstar. He has also worked with thousands of celebrities and business leaders. If you’d like to get a great accent, check out his testimonials!

Imitating American singers

In a recent study, researchers examined the role of auditory feedback in voice imitation. The participants were asked to imitate the voice quality of six well-known singers. The participants were trained in the songs and all reported the same difficulty level of voice imitation. In Experiment 1, participants had to imitate high-demand vocal imitations, while in Experiment 2, participants were asked to imitate low-demand vocalizations, including humming.

Working with a vocal coach

Getting an accent can be challenging, but working with a vocal coach can make the process much simpler. These professionals have extensive experience teaching voice and accents to a wide variety of students. They also understand the importance of developing a range of learning skills. The process usually takes several months, so expect to pay a small fee for a one-on-one session. To begin your journey, contact an acting coach to discuss your goals and budget.