How much should you charge for singing lessons? We’ve covered the average price for singing lessons, the duration of the lessons, and reasons to increase your rates as a vocal coach. If you’re already an experienced vocal coach, read on for some tips on pricing your lessons and why you should raise your rates. Here are some examples:

Cost of Singing Lessons

The price of singing lessons with a vocal coach will depend on the level of instruction and the instructor’s credentials. An hour-long lesson with a non-singing music teacher will run you around $30 to $60. This teacher may not be as skilled as other professional voice coaches and will have less time to impart valuable information. Additionally, you might be taught bad habits that you will need to get rid of. The price of a singing lesson with a more professional level vocal coach can range from $60-$200 per hour.

Average Price of a Vocal Coach

There are a variety of ways to get lessons. Some teachers offer workshops, group lessons, or boot camps to teach their skills. The latter can be cheaper for beginners. Some instructors offer introductory packages for as little as $27 per week. Heck, some even less. Some instructors offer Skype sessions at lower rates than in-studio ones. These sessions are particularly beneficial for those who are not able to make it to an actual studio.

Lesson Lengths

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the length of a vocal coach’s lessons. The length of a lesson can influence how fast you progress, your comfort level, and your results. Listed below are 6 factors to consider: your goals, concentration, and comfort. Also, keep in mind that the lesson should be supplemented by practice outside of the lesson. Lesson lengths should be adjusted to your goals and experience level.

Reasons to Increase Your Rates as a Vocal Coach

If you’re a vocal teacher, you’ll find that the number of people calling you for lessons keeps growing. While many of them don’t have professional ambitions, you may be surprised to learn that they actually have the highest rate of any voice teacher in the city. Whether they want to overcome a singing fear, share their music with the family, or simply enjoy their voice during retirement, people call you for guidance and advice. And even if they don’t have professional ambitions, their voice has value. After all, you use your voice every day, so your services have high demand and a need.