So how does Will on Glee become the vocal adrenaline coach? This article will answer that question, along with others you may have about the show. Listed below are some of Will’s best quotes from the show:

Will Schuester

Will Schuester plays the vocal adrenaline coach on the popular TV show ‘Glee’. Will first meets the cast of the show in the fourth season. The cast includes Sam, Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, and Sam’s mom, Sue. He has an on-screen relationship with the cast. While Will is a vocal coach, he is also a father figure and a mentor to many of the cast members.

Sue Corazon

Originally from New York City, Sue Corazon has become a vocal adrenaline coach for Will on the hit show Glee. She has been working with the kids since season four, and her most notable achievement is assisting Will in his audition. She is also the vocal adrenaline coach for Will’s younger brother, Sunny. Sue has a following on Twitter of around 600 followers.

Sunshine Corazon

As the lead competitor in the Vocal Adrenaline competition, Sunshine Corazon appears on GLEE. She sings ‘All by Myself,’ a song by Eric Carmen. She has over 600 Twitter followers. Will is tempted to go to Broadway, but instead decides to become a high school Glee Club coach. Will’s team is shocked at the other teams’ performances, and she runs into Charise, a vocalist in her own right.

He’s a family man

Will Schuester is a Spanish teacher on the hit teen sitcom Glee. He meets his wife, Emma, when she is about to start a new job. They become friends and Will gets to be his family man. After a disastrous recruitment drive for a new glee club, he takes on the job as a substitute teacher. He soon learns that Sandy Ryerson is fired, and that his wife, Emma, and their child have a sexy new love affair. Will is forced to work as a substitute teacher, and this makes the situation even more complicated. The episode concludes with a dramatic change when Emma and Will become roommates.

He earns too much money

Will on Glee earns too much money as a voice coach, and he confides his troubles in Emma. He’s wearing a 1960s nightgown that doesn’t really suit him for sleeping. He also admits that he likes the material stuff that comes with Vocal Adrenaline, a company that stands against his beliefs.

He’s not good enough for Vocal Adrenaline

Will on Glee isn’t good enough for vocal-adrenaline coaching, and it’s no wonder. His coaching style doesn’t mesh with the team’s needs, and they slap Will in the face and insult him every chance they get. After weeks of abuse, Will decides it’s time to leave the devil team and look for a better job.