Amy “Ariel” Burdett is an accomplished holistic vocal coach who recently auditioned for The X Factor, but why so angry? She was branded the “angriest” contestant. Interestingly, her music was gentle and folky. Then, one day, her audition was deemed the “angriest ever.” What went wrong? Here’s what you need to know.

Amy “Ariel” Burdett was a holistic vocal coach

Ariel Burdett was a vocal coach and a fan favourite on the X Factor. She changed her name to Ara Amy Starblaze after her infamous audition, which was watched by millions of people. During her audition, she said that she would perform “an opera piece with a high-pitched voice” and that her singing was “an academic construction.” Simon Cowell later labeled her voice a ‘nightmare’. Ariel changed her name to Ara Amy Starblaze and was a holistic vocal coach. She died of a self-inflicted neck wound.

She was cast as the witch on X Factor

Ariel’s audition was highly edited and the judge’s comments about her voice quality were harsh and mean-spirited. The holistic vocal coach was accused of putting her clients through the ringer because she was a metal fan. But she was right about one thing: Ariel had a very powerful voice and knew how to use it effectively. And yet, Cowell and the panel acted as if she didn’t have the skills to compete.

Her music was folky and gentle

Amy “Ariel” Burdett was a self-proclaimed holistic vocal coach. She appeared on Series 5 of The X Factor UK, where she sang her own piece, ‘Academic Construction,’ to impress the judges. However, tragedy struck when Ariel was found dead from stab wounds in her home. The singer had a devoted following of folk fans who were outraged at her unexpected audition.

Her appearance was no-nonsense

Ariel Burdett’s no-nonsense appearance and extreme attitude seemed to work well with her personality. She was determined to convey a strong sense of self, while also weaving in the different styles of music. Sadly, the approach didn’t work well with Cheryl Cole. Instead, Cowell abused her and accused her of being a no-talent. In fact, he even ordered a bouncer to follow her to the audition room!