Many people wonder if vocal lessons are requires when trying to figure out how to have a good voice. Some argue talent is just something you’re born with. Others, something you earn.

If you’re curious to learn about female singers who have made it big without taking voice lessons, this article will show you a few examples. For example, you may be wondering how Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Paris Hilton, or Hilary Duff managed to reach the top without taking voice lessons. While there is no definitive answer to this question, these singers definitely have an advantage over those who do.

Definitely NOT Beyonce

Beyonce took voice lessons, and a lot of them. As one of the best singers on the planet, hopefully this is inspiring to know that talent isn’t just something you’re born with, it’s something you earn. And earn it she did, which is how she now wakes up like this – at least vocally speaking (sorry, couldn’t help myself).


If you think about the legendary Whitney, it’s hard to believe that she didn’t take voice lessons. To be fair, this may or may not be true. The singer’s debut album, ‘The Monster,’ sold over 300,000 copies in its first week, and her return to the top of the charts received solid reviews. Her performance was wildly different from her earlier days. In addition, she got lots of negative feedback when a YouTube video of her singing cracked her voice.

While Whitney has a rich, powerful mezzo-soprano voice, her high range is distorted in recording. Her stress and drug use reduced her ability to sustain her high notes. Over the course of her career, her range gradually increased. Her lower range was showcased more toward the end of her career. However, her range is not a flaw in her voice, as she grew older. Rather, she benefited from influences that were both good and bad.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton didn’t take voice lessons in high school, it would seem. Instead, she changed her looks and her activities in the evening to fit the scene. In high school, she brought ferrets to school and did not speak in a baby voice. She exaggerated her femininity to get into nightclubs. However, this wasn’t the only change. She also started bringing ferrets to work and to school.

After her arrest, she sought to appear via teleconference, but the judge ordered deputies to pick her up. Upon hearing that she would be serving a prison sentence, Paris Hilton sobbed in the sheriff’s car as she was led down the driveway. When she was told that she would have to return to jail, she said, “It’s not fair, mom!” Paris’ arrest was an admission that her lifestyle got out of control – she was out partying all the time and drinking margaritas on an empty stomach.

Hilary D

Some women are surprised to learn that Hilary D never took voice lessons. But their innate talents for singing soared to new heights. These women didn’t shy away from vocal challenges – and it shows. In fact, they’ve taken on even more challenging challenges to achieve their goals. Despite their atypical backgrounds, they’ve become successful in the industry.

Despite her lack of voice lessons, Hilary D has continued to excel in Hollywood and on the stage.