Absolutely! For some people, singing comes more naturally. Others have to work harder. But nearly everyone without a physical disability can learn how to sing and can improve their sound.

What Does the Process Look Like?

Everyone’s starting point is different, but most people start with vocal technique. However, if you struggle to match the pitch while singing a melody line, this skill needs to be worked on as well.

When working on vocal technique, you’ll do some exercises to help you improve your support, tone, and creating the sound with ease. Then, you’ll move onto songs and work on the same ideas.

For those who struggle greatly with pitch, you’ll need more practice in that area. It’s just a lot of repetition and training the ear. But it’ll come over time.

All that said, nearly everyone can learn how to sing. So, if you’re interested in a vocal coach online, don’t hesitate to give them a try. Just be patient to find the right coach that can help.