Vocal Coach Ken TaylorHi! I’m vocal coach Ken Taylor, and welcome to my passion project – SingingLessons.co !!

I created this resource for the soul purpose of helping my Sing Family transform into the singer that they want to be.

SingingLessons.co is a labor of love. I hope it helps inspire a new generations of singers (and teachers) to pick up the mantle, dive passionately into developing their skills, and have a positive impact on the world through music!

I believe gratitude, a positive attitude, consistent work ethic, supporting and building up others, self belief and having fun are the ingredients that lead to success. I hope this site serves as a wonderful example, and that others follow along.

This site covers many of the technical and stylistic aspects of singing – it includes some paid trainings, as well as lots of free content.

Our paid trainings allow us to create more in depth, transformational trainings and also include personalized feedback from our coaching staff (HUGE asset).

Our free training is some of the best on the internet and will absolutely help you move in the direction of the singer you want to be. Our paid trainings are that much more potent, and come with one extra unstated benefit – investing in yourself. 

Investing in yourself helps you stay accountable, follow through, and achieve greater success.

So why offer free training at all? It’s a way to me to give back to the world of music which has blessed me richly, bringing me joy and a kick-awesome way to spend me days.

If you find this site valuable and want to support us in return, become a supporter here! By doing so, you’ll get access to Supporter only content, get the benefit of investing in success, and you’ll be helping us help others – it’s a beautiful thing!

Whatever your involvement with the site, I genuinely hope it inspires you and helps you step into the singer you want to be. We all have a song within us. I hope we can help you more genuinely and eloquently share that song with others.

Work hard, stay grateful, be positive, love what you do, have fun and take your talent out into the world and use it to change it for the better!

With Love,

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor