A musical about a woman who needs voice lessons has a unique plot: a character who is a singer who is desperate to become a professional actress. Her character, Alice, needs voice lessons to be able to sing well in the role of a dying woman. However, the character’s struggles with her voice lead to a very humorous resolution. Luckily, there are ways to get started on your voice training.

Caplan is a vocal coach

Cara Caplan is a vocal coach who has been teaching for over 40 years. She has worked with many top actors, including Ben P, Neil Harris, and Hugh J. In addition to working with Broadway and touring shows, she serves as a vocal consultant on several projects. Her current clients include the stars of Disney’s Frozen. Her students range from beginners to seasoned professionals, ranging from opera singers to rock stars.

During a lesson, Caplan guides the student through a thorough warm-up. She begins by cradling Ben P’s head on the piano, which opens his throat and allows his voice to breathe. She emphasizes the importance of a full body warm-up because tension can affect a singer’s voice. As a result, oxygen stops flowing in these areas. By warm-up the whole body, students can reach maximum airflow.

Nora Polk is a musician

Nora Polk is a writer and singer who is also a Helen Hayes Award-winning actress. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Catholic University and has studied classical acting at the London Dramatic Academy. She studied voice lessons for five years under the legendary Matt Farnsworth. So she’s had a singing lesson or two. Nora has performed in cabarets and comedy clubs. Her musical career has been a smash hit for both audiences and critics.

Jenna Melton is a pioneer in the integration of singing techniques for actors

Having studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, Mrs. Melton has pioneered the integration of singing techniques and voice training for actors. With her PhD and Masters degrees in music theory and vocal performance, she is now a leading voice coach and researcher for theatre, opera, and television. In addition to teaching at leading drama and music institutions in the United States, Melton has also created and directed research projects in both fields.

The book’s focus on acting and singing techniques makes it suitable for both professional and amateur performers. Melton’s physical approach addresses the specific needs of performers in both areas, speaking and singing. The book also offers advice on ensuring good vocal health in a variety of situations. The book’s CD contains detailed instructions for many exercises. Joan Melton’s approach to singing techniques for actors in musicals aims to engage the performer physically.

Liz’s methodology is holistic

Known for her natural vocal technique, Liz McCarthy is a singer and performer as well as a Shiatsu therapist. Her work has taken her to a variety of settings over the past two decades, including the Edinburgh Festival, the Cheltenham Music Festival, and various charities. She has written a number of original songs and has founded Sing For The Trees, a fundraiser for Tree Sisters, as well as several workshops involving singing for environmental and health causes.

Liz’s voice-training methodology is completely holistic for women, and she uses both voice-skill development and yoga as a part of her lessons. She has worked on record-breaking pop/rock albums and Broadway shows, including musicals about street musicians from Dublin and Mormons. She has also worked with the casts of Broadway shows, including Book of Mormon and Dublin’s O’Brien’s Lane.